SHU Photobook Project 2013

A selection of work produced by 3rd year students on the BA/Mart Photography course at Sheffiled Hallam University during the Autumn of 2013. The publications were exhibited at an event entitled 'Discover' held at the University on the evening of 25th November 2013. Visitors to the exhibition selected Tom Stayte as the winner of the 2013 SHU Photobook award for 'Face Book'. Jane Faram, Gallery Manager at SITE Gallery, Sheffield selected Dora Damian as the winner of the SITE Gallery Prize for her publication 'Untitled'.

'Face Book (Volume 1/2300)' by Tom Stayte
Hand bound with embossed lettering, 300 x 423mm
Winner of the 2013 SHU Photobook Award


'Untitled' by Dora Damian
Blurb book on Mohawk uncoated paper, 304.8 x 304.8mm
Winner of the 2013 SITE Gallery Prize


'Sheffield At Night' by Taliesin Bendell
Blurb book, 320 × 280 mm


'Girls on Film' by Mel Bennett
Newspaper, 289 x 380mm


'Form' by Thomas Bridle
Folded Inkjet Prints, 210 x 297mm


'Oh England, my Lionheart ' by Rifka Burman
Hand sewn cover with japanese stab binding, 210 x 297mm


'Look Closer' by Michael Bycroft
Newspaper, 289 x 380mm


'Vita in Morte' by Jess Clark
Handmade book with dropped in inkjet prints, 270 x 270mm


'#catchingcorners' by Emily Gardner
Blurb Book, 180 x 180mm


'Bag Sunshine // Light Nights' by Joe Golden
Blurb Book, 255 x 210mm


'How can we help you?' by Fraser Havenhand
Digital Print, 180x220mm


'Twenty-One' by Helen King
Hand bound inkjet prints, 210 x 148mm